Friday, June 27, 2008

Chicago adventure....

We are into our next phase of our move, in Chicago at Jpusa. We got in Sunday, late afternoon. Abigail and I ended up taking the train from Ann Arbor to Chicago, which was a lot of fun with all of Abigail's excitment. Joe and Noah drove with all of our "stuff". You would think after selling everything we own, we wouldn't have much left...but we do.

This week was Joe's last week of work, they picked up his car today. So we are officially homeless and carless :) It is nice here at Jpusa, meeting all kinds of new people, the kids are making new friends and we have had a quite relaxing week. I believe it is the calm before the storm, as we get on a bus this Sunday to head down the Bushnell, Il for the 25th annual Cornerstone Musica Festival. We are really looking forward to it, so much going on there. Joe will be working on one of the stages and I will be working in the Artrageous tent for the kids. We will post again after it is all done and we get back :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Still Waiting for Consistency

Well, I'm still working (joe here) and we're still waiting to have some sort of solid spot to live without having to get our clothes out of a suitcase or bag of some sort.  However, we've been blessed to be able to stay with our friends the Banfield's (family really) and have somewhat of a sense of home.
God has truly blessed us throughout this journey.  Where to begin is difficult.  I will try to bring all of the events and happenings and feelings together in words as our journey continues to unfold.

I guess it all began with a feeling.  Something the Lord birthed in our hearts.  I can not say that Costa Rica was somewhere Danette and I felt that we would be going to.  We really had no deep desire to move there at all.  We were looking forward to visiting and seeing something new but I can say moving there was never on our minds.  Moving somewhere however, was.  Going somewhere and doing something else was on our minds and hearts but not CR.  It appears that God had plans for us that we did not know about.  
Funny how he doesn't tell us everything huh? 

Saturday, June 14, 2008

On our way!

We are now nomads traveling throughout the larger cities of the midwest looking for food and shelter.  No home, car or immediate destination.

Okay, really we are on our way to COSTA RICA!  This is the first of many updates to come for our friends and family to read up on to see our current status.

More soon...

- The Terzano family.