Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I guess I should explain...

I just decided to look at this lazy blog I've been keeping and realized there is no explanation as to where I am and why I'm here and how I got here. If there was some type of blogger code out there I'm sure that I'd have violated most of it's shall's and shall not's!

Okay, so I had originally started this blog to keep all those interested up to date with my life in Costa Rica. I moved there with my wife and 2 kids in 2008 to take over a family owned pizzeria and start a coffeeshop. We lived there for 2 years and decided that we were not willing to sell our souls to the restaurant business so we left. We had a tremendous learning experience but found that we were not only out of money but completely unhappy. When my wife and I broke the news that we were moving back to the states to our kids they were pretty excited.

So much happened in those 2 years that I've thought of writing a book about it. I was so busy that there was no way I was able to keep up with a blog.
Well, we decided to move to Chicago with our good friends at Jesus People USA. We have had several friends from the ministry come and visit us in Costa Rica and our hearts have been with them since before we moved. Jesus People USA (JPUSA) is an intentional community and inner-city outreach that began in 1972. The movement has grown over the years and has seen a bunch of changes. My wife and kids and I have always visited here first when returning from Central America. This was a very natural and comfortable transition for us.

So in a nutshell, We are here now.
I am once again attempting to blog about my experiences here and will do my best to update regularly. I am sure I am the only one reading this but at least this will be a good test of my resolve... and writing skills.

Sick in the City

We knew it was coming. It was just a matter of time. You can not live in a place where people do not get sick then move to the land of colds and flus and not expect to get sick.

It started with a slight sore throat. It always does. Then, it turned into a really bad sore throat. Now it's been 3 days (and counting) that I've been out of commission. You know, if I lived in the real world of a 9-5 job and bills to pay something like this would be devastating if my vacation/sick days were not available to cover this "time off".

It's times like this that community living can really shine. I've had friends coming by and checking on me, asking if there is anything I need and praying for me. Quite the contrast from living in the jungle in Costa Rica where everybody is so widely dispersed that if someone in you're small circle is sick you may not find out until the next Sunday when they don't show up.

W. Glyn Evans writes in his devotional "Daily With The King" -

"He (Jesus) came to convey to men a steady stream of truth from His father. The love that He showed was the father's love unveiled in human flesh"

This is what is to be seen from us believers. The fathers love for one another. This is the love that saves souls and enriches lives. This can be seen in community. What a great thing it is.

So yes, I'm sick. A summer cold. It's been a while so I guess I'm paying my dues.
At least I don't have to worry if I have enough sick days available.