Sunday, September 21, 2008

What IS The Plan?

What is this plan that the Lord has for us down here?  Sometimes I am amazed that I think I know.  We are still doing the bakery/pizzeria/coffeeshop/social meeting place but I wonder what else is in store for us.  We will have to wait and see.
To Be Continued...

Rodrigo (see picture from last post) has left us for greener pastures.  We were a bit dismayed at first and feeling like this all was to large for us to handle on our own.  But God is great and has plans for us well beyond what we can see with our natural eyes.  We have a new found sense of independence and freedom in having our kitchen back.  Danette has been working hard on perfecting our basic breads and I have been trying to get all of the loose ends with the building buttoned up.  
We had a coffee tasting party last week and a pizza tasting party last night.  
All is going well as we think we know what coffee we are going to use and know how we need (knead, haha) to make our dough.  
We are hoping to open up in 2 weeks?!  Yikes.

More soon.


Sunday, September 7, 2008


Yesterday we headed out to Pal Mar for more shopping for the restaurant and just to check things out. Just before we were leaving a friend of Mike's dropped in with his wife and 2 kids. Steve and Vicky are a very nice couple with a daughter just about Abby's age and a son Noah's age. They insisted that the kids all head up to their place across the street to go swimming. The kids were a bit taken back but couldn't turn down the opportunity to go swimming and meet some new friends. Well, as you would guess the kids became fast friends. They played all morning and then went to the beach with us in the afternoon. Noah's new friend had a few surfboards so they brought them along. Noah went surfing for his first time ever and rode several waves. He had a blast!
Rodrigo came along with D and I to Pal mar for our shopping trip. We got to experience the small town and pick up some flour. We had a great time talking with each other and getting to know our spanish a little better. We had lunch at a small cafe (called a soda) and for the first time in probably 25 or more years I had a Pepsi in a glass bottle! What joy.

The Lord really seems to be giving us small blessings in various ways. I guess the trick is to focus on those good things He provides for us. We miss our friends greatly but there is a comfort in knowing we will be together someday soon. Thank you God for what you have done for us. Your son dying on the cross for our sins is more than enough.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Big Rain / San Jose...again

Tuesday night it rained so hard I thought the roof was going to cave in.  It rained all night and neither D or I caught much sleep.  The problem with that is we had to get up at 4:30 am to leave for San Jose.  I thought due to the rain that the mountain road would be closed forcing us to use the beach road (logging trail posing as a road).  To our surprise the mountain road was open.  

We had to go to San Jose to pick up our oven which was in for repair and get supplies for the restaurant.  We scored on the coffee syrups and also found a really cool  couch for our place.  All we have now are 2 very uncomfortable chairs and there are 4 of us.  

We had garlic pizza last night, ate some peruvian ice cream and crashed.  
I am happy to say we both slept well.