Monday, August 25, 2008

Finally Online

Sorry it has been so long...  No internet and busy weekdays makes it difficult but we are back!
So much has transpired within the last few weeks I am not sure where to begin. The boy and I are down here trying to get both our new home and restaurant started. The gals will be here soon and we can not wait! The boy actually misses BOTH of the gals. Crazy huh?
Well, last week found the boy and I along with Rodrigo and Justin (the cook and the neighbor) in the river in the dark shrimp hunting. The shrimp run in the river here as well as the sea and are approximately 6" (15 cm) long. No luck for us that night so we have traps set tonight. The boy went with the neighbor down the street and brought home at least 8 dozen limes (which are orange in the middle). After we got the kitchen cleaned out we used our commercial juicer and juiced 4-5 mandarina oranges (grapefruit sized super sweet oranges picked off the tree) along with some of the limes and a little coconut milk. Very nice. The cook cut opened up a coconut that was sprouting already. The milk at that point turns into a spongy like substance but is sweet and really cool to eat. It truly is a different world down here. Our water was out for the day today (water main repair) and there are sudden short blackouts regularly but we are beginning to acclimate. Today I saw a large howler monkey crossing a small road like he owned it. That is a brief update of our lives up to this point. I know... I haven't mentioned the huge waves, daily rain, lizards up the wazoo, the extremely loud crazy sounding birds in the mornings or the washed out roads but hey, I can't fit everything into a single post.
More soon...

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