Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weekly Schedule

Here is a loose description of our weekly schedule.

Sunday - 
10am - 11:30ish 
Church in Dominical on the beach.  We are currently in the process of a new church start-up and things are going swimmingly (pun intended).  We set up a few easy-up canopies on the beach and have worship and read out of what ever book in the bible we are currently going over.  
Two coconuts fell on the canopy last Sunday.
11:30ish - 3pm
After church we gather together and eat leftover pizza from the night before.  After cramming a bunch of carbs we (along with friends from another church in the next town) hit the beach.  I usually attempt to surf for an hour or so then just body board or play my guitar.  D usually lays out on the beach with the other gals while the kids body board or play on the beach.
3pm - ?
After the beach we usually head over to Mike and Starla's place for some hang out time and dinner.  The kids all play while we discus theological issues.  Good times.

Monday (Our supposed day off)
Sleep, sleep and more sleep.  Mondays consist of straightening up around the casa and waiting around for our suppliers who never show up anyway.  Thank you Coca-Cola.  Pura Vida!
If all works well we are able to sneak in a family movie night.  In bed by 10pm at the latest!

Tuesday (Our Monday)
4:45am - 5:15am
Listen to my alarm go off and hit the sleep button.
Stumble out of bed and into the shower.
Go into the cafe and begin prep for the day.
First things first... turn on the espresso machine!  Turn on the gas and light the pilot light for the convection oven.  Pull cinnamon rolls out of the freezer for thawing.  Roll out croissant dough and prepare croissants for the day.  Make coffee and fill water jug.  If the cinnamon rolls are properly thawed place them in the oven.
The rest of the day consists of making espresso and coffee drinks, smoothies, pizzas and sandwiches.  We close at 3pm and try and ignore the cafe as much as possible.  In bed by 9ish.
If I'm still coherent before the kids bed time I try and read to them.  It has taken us almost a year to read all of the Narnia books.  Mainly because It has taken me 2 months to read the last 4 chapters of "The Last Battle".

Wednesday - Friday
Pretty much the same schedule as Tuesday with the exception of Thursday evenings when we head to Dominical for Bible study.  Study starts at 6:30pm and runs until around 9pm.


Okay, so Saturdays we are mentally chill until about say 4pm when we begin really getting ready for our only night that we are open.  Pizza night runs from 6pm -9pm.  It is a feeding frenzy from say 6:30 to 8:15.  We make approximately 35 or more pizzas in that time.  Some are carry out but most are for the buffet line.  We are blessed with our friends who come and help out for the night.  There is so much work we could not do it without them.

That is a quick summery of our week.  Now it's back to work for me.



Marty Phillips said...

Thanks this helps.

snowshoe_rabbit said...

you all sound like you are adjusting quite well to all the funnity to be found. I'm envious of you guys getting to live abroad!

I wish you guys were around next week for the big day! May and I will have to take a little vacay and visit sometime.