Monday, April 13, 2009

New schedule, New vision.

Beginning in May we are changing our regular weekly schedule.  Currently we are open Tuesday -Saturday with Sunday and monday off.  We are lopping off Tuesdays and and one hour from our weekly schedule.  We'll open at 8am instead of 7am and we'll be open on Wednesday evenings until 8pm.  It makes for a long day but we are hoping that we'll be able to draw in more of the local community as we are doing movie nights and game nights.  Our hope is that we will be a little more refreshed and be able to focus on ministry a bit more.  There is no fellowship, bible study, outreach or anything in our area here and we are praying for direction.  It is pretty obvious to us that we're here to do more than making pizza and coffee.  We are seeking His face on these things.  Thanks for your prayers. 

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